Props to the Mohawk!

DJ Bixler and Wonderbred set-up at Mohawk

photo by Nakia, posted to

Last night Scorpio Rising played at the Austin Technology Council Battle of the Tech Bands. It was a fun, successful event that featured eight bands from eight different tech companies.

The #ATCBattle, for you fellow Twitterphiles, was scheduled quite ambitiously.  Each band was allotted just 15 minutes. Somehow during that time, you had to load gear onto the stage (they provided backline), soundcheck, play two songs, and load out the backdoor.

I’ve done many of these sorts events over the years.  They’re almost always a late-running train wreck.  This is where I wanna give props to the Mohawk staff.

I didn’t even catch the names of the sound guy and stage manager, but they were on point.  The stage manager briefed each band member as they arrived. He moved gear. He kept the backstage area clear, flowing, and also kept a watchful eye on all the equipment since the door that opened to the street remained open most of the evening.

Then there was the sound guy. His line checks broke land speed records. His mixes were precise. And he read body language like you wish every club sound tech did.  No need to shout “more bass in the monitor.” Just a quick point to the bassist, a thumb up, and a nod over to the drum wedge.

Not only did the show run on schedule, but it ran fast.  Scorpio Rising took the stage 10 minutes before we were scheduled!

So thanks, Mohawk staff.  You’re pros.  Scorpio Rising wants to play your club every night.