Please Help Andrea Sloan Get the Medicine She Needs from BioMarin

Andi Sloan Loves Queso

Andi Sloan loves queso, and needs your help

I recently did a presentation at work on the topic of social media (Twitter in particular). Soon after, my boss began to dip her toe into the Twitter water. Today, with a friend’s life on the line, she’s truly hoping social media can make a difference. Please read and consider Tweeting, Facebook-sharing, or whatever form of spreading-the-word you may prefer. The short version is:

  1. Sign this petition:
  2. Tweet: @DallasBuyers@andi_sloan is a real life Ron Woodard. Texan fighting #BioMarin to get access to #BMN673. Time is running out. Please help!
  3. Like this Facebook Page:
  4. Comment on BioMarin’s Facebook Page

Wiley, your tweet lessons are paying off for me and a friend, and now I want to ask you a favor:

I’m not asking for money, but I am asking for five minutes of your time:  Andrea Sloan is the Executive Director of the Texas Advocacy Project, a non-profit that provides free legal services to victims of domestic and sexual violence.  I sit on the board and know first-hand that Andi works tirelessly to save the lives of those caught in these horrible situations.  Now, her life needs saving as she battles ovarian cancer.

I’m asking you to please sign this petition to help save the life of Andrea Sloan – we are trying to get BioMarin to release an experimental drug to her [she’s already been approved for “compassionate use” by the FDA] and we need your support. You can find out more via Andi’s Army Facebook Group (I’m a proud member).

I know you also tweet, please follow @andi_sloan and tweet BioMarin asking them to give her BMN673 at #BioMarin.  Specifically, can you tweet:

@DallasBuyers! @andi_sloan is a real life Ron Woodard. Texan fighting #BioMarin to get access to #BMN673. Time is running out.”

I have already tweeted this from @jvanderziel

Andi Sloan

Andi Sloan

If you happen to know anyone with connections to BioMarin, please let me know!  With enough public support and visibility, perhaps we can help this brilliant company overcome whatever fears they have in releasing this drug on a single patient compassionate use basis, especially since the drug is already in trial (she does not qualify for the study) at her hospital and stored just a couple of doors away from her oncologist. He and the FDA have approved this drug for her compassionate use. Bless you for your support, BioMarin for their genius, and may this message find its way to the hearts of those who can and will help.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Feel free to forward at will!


Julienne VanDerZiel
The University of Texas at Austin
ITS Applications Director