Launch of Updated Website Home Page Home Page

This week at work was fun. Got to launch a refresh of, the site for the Texas Society of Association Executives.

It’s a site built in ExpressionEngine and involves both a front-end and back-end overhaul.

Visually, it’s gone fully responsive. Some challenges have involved incorporating some fixed-width ads into an otherwise fluid layout. It can still be tweaked to behave better, but I believe instead we’ll be incorporating multiple ad sizes in the next few weeks instead.

On the back-end, there’s a upgrade from EE 2.5.5 to EE 3.5.2. This process has been tricky due to handling some deprecated modules and such. But by nature, growth and progress are rarely painless processes.

Overall, this site launch offered some exciting challenges and has wound up giving the clients something they’re really proud of an excited about.