Scorpio Rising: #3 Best Electronic Dance Music Act

Scorpio Rising #3 EDM Artist

Scorpio Rising: Austin’s #3 EDM performing act

Wonderbred, Madame Scorpio, and I want to thank everyone who voted for Scorpio Rising in the latest Austin Chronicle Music Poll.

When all the votes were tallied, Scorpio Rising earned the #3 spot in the Best Electronic Dance Music Act category. Oddly, the name of the category changed from “Best Electronica/Club DJ” between close of voting and the Austin Music Awards, but who’s counting?

It’s a busy music scene out there, so we appreciate everyone who filled out a ballot on our behalf.  Hope to see you at a show soon!


Rice Moorehead and His Ladies at Million Dollar Sound

rice moorehead and his ladies and jim beam

rice, his ladies, & jim beam

On January 25th of this year, Rice Moorehead pulled together his Ladies and took to the studio. Million Dollar Sound was the locale and Kurtis Machler was at the helm, working his engineering magic.

In one night of recording we got most of the tracks down for what will become some sort of EP, cool-vinyl, rarified, uber-badass underground release. Keep an eye on our Twitters for updates (@ricemoorehead @bcbetch @aruse @wileykoepp).

We also took some fun pics throughout the night.  Take a gander:

This night was also a vocal recording debut for myself, hopping in on some backing/group vocals.  That night, after instilling some self-confidence with the help of a lil’ Jim Beam, I was certain that I sounded pretty good.  But judging from this video, if nothing else, I’ve solidified my title as “drummer” for years to come.  Rest assured, my pitch-challenged barking will be low enough in the mix so as to provide just enough imperfection to make the recording sound appropriately rock ‘n’ roll.

If you wanna catch some of Rice and His Ladies’ goodness, check ‘em out tonight, Friday, March 7 at The Local from 10pm-1am. Then during SXSW, venture over to the East side where the double-drumming monstrosity will be playing White Horse from 7-8pm on Wednesday, March 12th.


missing gloves… in the street

missing gloves... in the street

missing gloves… in the street


Missing gloves.

How often do you lose a glove?

We all lose stuff: pocket change, knick-knacks, that one ol’ thingamajig. And socks. Socks might be the most-lost of all things we lose.

But gloves?

Yeah, gloves.

I wouldn’t have really thought this to be the case.  I mean, I can’t recall ever losing a glove. Even living in New York City, where folks wear gloves for months at a time, I don’t remember missing gloves being a common problem amongst friends and coworkers.

But someone’s noticed that this was a silent epidemic and deemed it blog-worthy. For more than three years, missing gloves… in the street has posted photographs of lonesome gloves across the country, logging gloves’ under-appreciated plight.

missing gloves… in the street fascinates me.  There are so many.  Rubber. Surgical. Hipster. Some fingerless, some leather. Some filthy, and others brand spankin’ new.

Take a gander. See one of yours?


Vote for Scorpio Rising as Best EDM/Club DJ in the Austin Music Poll

Vote for Scorpio Rising as Best EDM/Club DJ!

Vote for Scorpio Rising as Best EDM/Club DJ!

Last year, you helped Scorpio Rising reach #2 as the Austin Music Awards’ Best Electronica/Club DJ.

This year the category is called “EDM/Club DJ” and we could use your help to take home the #1 spot.

Please consider voting for Scorpio Rising under “Best Performing Bands” in the “EDM/Club DJ” category, and spread the word to your friends and family!

Voting happens here:


While you’re voting, give a nod to our friends The Hickoids in the Hall of Fame ballot and Hey, Gurl as best Cover Band (they really are).

Happy voting, and thanks so much for takin’ the time.


Mitch Malloy: Van Halen’s Replacement for Sammy Hagar…Almost

Mitch Malloy with Eddie Van Halen circa 1996

Mitch Malloy with Eddie Van Halen circa 1996

Wonderbred from Scorpio Rising shared this with me over the weekend.

Interesting story of Mitch Malloy, a guy who Van Halen pulled in and unofficially welcomed to the band…before their appearance with David Lee Roth on the ’96 MTV Music Awards marked the “reunion” of the original line-up.

The song playing over the end credits is “It’s The Right Time,” a tune that Mitch wrote with Van Halen during their short stint together. It was later recorded for, but not released on, Van Halen III with Gary Cherone at the helm, entitled “That’s Why I Love You.”

I also found an additional recording of the short-lived line-up of Mitch Malloy and Van Halen playing “Panama.”