I’ve gotten all sorts of props over the years for the work I’ve done through Coyote Music. But here are some assorted other positive words:


That guy can play the fuck outta the drums!
– Nakia (vocalist extraordinaire popularized on The Voice but badass for so much more)

– Rick Colaluca (drummer, Watchtower)

A most excellent drummer, especially for a blonde
– John Aielli (Eklektikos host, KUT 90.5FM)

Your ego is totally in check, which is [one reason] we enjoy working with you
– Billy Preston (bassist, dizzybloom)

Take that nice laid back guy, dress him crotch fringe, and the whole environment changes
– C. Meltz

The sickest motherf***ing beast I’ve seen all week
– Audience Member, SXSW 2012

One of Austin’s great drummers
– Justin Collins (drummer, Honky)

One helluva drummer
– “Scary” Larry Love

Web Development

We have moved up in the google listings and I have already gotten three leads out of it.
– P. Burns (Owner, Advanced Concrete Protection)

Our business is SO much better this year than it was last year, and it’s due 100% to our website and updated online presence.
– M. Hightower (Owner, Pinup Salon)

[the site is] exciting with lots to explore! You can’t just click one page. We should call it Pringles.
– J. Lee (Senior Program Coordinator, UTeach Institute)

You da bomb diggity.
– A. Beth (Research & Evaluation Manager, UTeach Institute)


Looks a little bit like Bryan Adams and, now that I’m out, I think Wiley’s my new trophy date
– Dale Dudley (morning show host, KLBJ 93.7FM)

…one of the good ones in this crazy music industry
– D.  Angermaier (drummer for Mayan Factor & Black Angel Down)

This is what we’re payin’ for college for? Lobster Boy? 
– KHFI 96.7FM morning show host

If you need a brilliant review of your music and you don’t know @wileykoepp, you should
– @MonkTurner (composer)