Three Things El Coyote Will Do In 2010

2010, right now, is crystal clear.  As the final 45 minutes of ’09 tick away, I look ahead to the next 365 and see goals as well-defined as they ever have been in my life.  I’ve got three items on my 2010 To Do List:

  1. Recently, just before a Scorpio Rising show, Madame Scorpio found out she had breast cancer.  She’s begun her fight, and in 2010 I’m doing what I can to contribute to the war she and Wonderbred are waging.  Whether that be drumming at SR shows, promoting her fundraiser, just sending positive vibes…that’s my most tangible, visceral task in the upcoming year.
  2. Rebuild (again).  In ’07 I re-built from a few dozen hard-coded HTML pages into several hundred pages, using ExpressionEngine CMS.  It’s big now, and has jumped from getting a few hundred pageviews a year to nearly 100,000 pageviews in ’09.  Still, I am becoming intimately aware of a CMS’ limitations.  Having recently learned Python & Django, my plan is to build in that language, on that framework, so that like my EE venture, the site not only becomes much better, but also serves as the proving ground for my delving into a new technology.
  3. Find Happiness.  Things are alright on many levels.  Yet Happiness is a path, and not a destination.  Moving toward it is, then, a continual movement…a progression.  And thus shall I continue to progress, toward Happiness.

Pretty clear tasks.  None are simple, yet all are entirely doable.  And so they shall be done.