Chronicles of The Last One Standing

It Can Hit You Like a Lightning Bolt
– “Crash & Burn” on forthcoming Scorpio Rising EP, The Last One Standing

I’m in for an experience.  We all are–Wonderbred, Madame Scorpio, and I.  The EP is complete, recording-wise.  Five songs.  One you’ve seen and heard:  “Bodyrock It.”  There was the video in which I learned that it is harder to air drum to yourself than it is to another drummer.  But the EP is on its way and will be available by March 2010 (just in time for SXSW…smart, huh?).

Speaking of which, we did make it.  I’ve been applying since 1995 or so, via at least 7 or 8 different bands.  SXSW was a fraternity to which I’d pretty much decided that I didn’t belong, for better or worse.  The great upside is that I’ve had the pleasure of playing many non-SXSW festivals and venues over the years, and have pretty much always been pleased.  3 Penny Opera’s gig at The Spot in ’99 was great, as was The Lowelies’ set at the Tribute Band Marathon at Ego’s almost 10 years later.

But Scorpio Rising is in and we’re excited.  Five new songs to share, Bixler’s got brand new fringe on a brand new jumpsuit, and we recently acquired some new lightning rigs that ratchet-up the light show a few notches.

But it’s not all flowers and sausages. The band was recently hit with the most sobering news a person can learn.

Our beloved Madame Scorpio, just prior to getting our SXSW acceptance, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Yes, her.  Yes, the ‘c’ word.  The really bad ‘c’ word.  We’re talking the same breasts that dazzled Retarted Elf concertgoers via the breathtaking silhouettes of the famed shadow dancer (some of her non-shadowed dancing is here).  Cancer has had the gall to fuck with what could be considered icons in Austin’s music history.  It doesn’t know what it’s gotten itself into.

The band, and Madame Scorpio herself, has been through the stages–anger, disbelief, motivation, annoyance, and even levity.  She has already debated gluing small mirrors on her head after it sheds its hair, so she can grace the SXSW stage adorning a human discoball head.

We have no idea how this will impact our showcase three short months from now, though we expect it not to.  Madame Scorpio will have, by then, been through four chemo sessions.  The first was a couple days ago, and the side effects were surprisingly manageable.

From where I sit (me, aka DJ Bixler), I will help the cause as I can–which is by spreading the word.  I plan to write about this experience as viewed from the drum throne/faux-DJ-booth.  I have already seen courage and positivity from both Madame Scorpio and Wonderbred that provides great hope.  I don’t expect to see anything but that until the word “remission” manifests itself.