Green Chile Mushroom & Spinach Enchiladas

A recipe my mom passed on to me. It’s not so much a family tradition as it is a product of her modifying an enchilada dish to be fast, easy, tasty, and able to please a family of 6 with minimal time in the kitchen.  Still, I love it. It got me through many days in my post-college years.

In recent years, to make it healthier, she’s been substituting the cheese with nutritional yeast. It’s surprisingly tasty.

It’s also easy enough to add chicken or beef if you’d like a meaty version.


10-12 corn tortillas (enough to cover the bottom of the dish and then cover the top of casserole)

Small box/pkg. fresh spinach (organic and washed)

1/2 box baby portabello mushrooms

1/2 onion

Small can of diced green chiles

2 small cans Green Enchilada Sauce (Hatch, Old El Paso or whatever brand you can find)

Grated cheddar/Mexican cheese of choice (substitute Nutritional yeast for a vegan twist)

These tortillas will become enchiladas

These tortillas will become enchiladas


  1. Pour one can of sauce in bottom of casserole dish
  2. Lay tortillas around bottom of dish, covering it
  3. Cover tortillas with spinach
  4. Mix diced mushrooms, diced onion and can of chiles together and spread over spinach (spread all over and mash down a bit)
  5. Cover with yeast or cheese (however much you care to use)
  6. Lay tortillas around top to cover, and mash down a bit, especially around edges
  7. Cover with remaining can of sauce and then sprinkle yeast or cheese over top of that (as much as you like)
  8. Cover dish with lid and cook 20-30 min. at 350-375 degrees
  9. Remove lid and cook another 5-10 min. to brown more

Enjoy with salsa of choice on top and a nice salad!