Rice Moorehead and His Ladies at Million Dollar Sound

rice moorehead and his ladies and jim beam

rice, his ladies, & jim beam

On January 25th of this year, Rice Moorehead pulled together his Ladies and took to the studio. Million Dollar Sound was the locale and Kurtis Machler was at the helm, working his engineering magic.

In one night of recording we got most of the tracks down for what will become some sort of EP, cool-vinyl, rarified, uber-badass underground release. Keep an eye on our Twitters for updates (@ricemoorehead @bcbetch @aruse @wileykoepp).

We also took some fun pics throughout the night.  Take a gander:

This night was also a vocal recording debut for myself, hopping in on some backing/group vocals.  That night, after instilling some self-confidence with the help of a lil’ Jim Beam, I was certain that I sounded pretty good.  But judging from this video, if nothing else, I’ve solidified my title as “drummer” for years to come.  Rest assured, my pitch-challenged barking will be low enough in the mix so as to provide just enough imperfection to make the recording sound appropriately rock ‘n’ roll.

If you wanna catch some of Rice and His Ladies’ goodness, check ’em out tonight, Friday, March 7 at The Local from 10pm-1am. Then during SXSW, venture over to the East side where the double-drumming monstrosity will be playing White Horse from 7-8pm on Wednesday, March 12th.