My Musical Leading Ladies on TV

Juliana Murphy on Fox News for Girl Guitar Austin

Juliana promotes Girl Guitar & her new CD

I’ve been fortunate to have played music with some wonderful people throughout my life. Well, that trend is alive and well. Over the past couple weeks, each of my lead singers has been on Austin TV news, for being both great musicians and pretty awesome human beings.

Juliana Murphy went on Fox 7 with Girl Guitar founder Mandy Rowden. In Mandy’s words, Juliana is a Girl Guitar “success story,” having taken guitar and songwriting courses and progressing in her career through the recent release of her debut CD. Juliana was interviewed and played “Common Ground” from her EP entitled Being Known.

Madame Scorpio :: Profiles In Pink :: News 8 Austin

Madame Scorpio a News 8 Profile in Pink

Madame Scorpio’s bout with breast cancer is something I’ve been blogging, tweeting, and talking about since she was diagnosed in October of 2009. Her strength was immense and her determination awe-inspiring. And, well, she beat it.

The might of Madame Scorpio’s fight was on full public display during Scorpio Rising’s 2010 SXSW showcase, around which she scheduled her chemotherapy appointments. News 8 reporter, Crestina Chavez, took notice of Madame Scorpio’s story and decide to do a profile for News 8’s feature Profiles in Pink.

Way to kick ass, ladies. I look forward to makin’ music with each of you for many moons to come. [standing ovation]