AC Power and Cornell Hurd Tunes

Spent the afternoon layin’ down tracks for Allen Crider (Cornell Hurd sound guru & band member and Grupo Fantasma Comes Alive engineer).  Allen is currently putting together an EP under his own AC Power moniker, a mix of original songs and a couple that Cornell’s band did many moons ago.

Allen had mastered The Lowelies‘ EP and Scorpio Rising‘s Feels Good, but I’d not worked with him before as a producer/engineer.  His studio is his home, and the ‘drum room’ his living room.  He hosted myself and Juliana Murphy, who was takin’ in a new recording studio’s vibe as she works on her own debut EP.  The session with Allen was pretty fast, efficient, comfortable, and yielded some tracks that gave his Texas-tinged power-pop the life he’d been hoping to inject into them, since they’d previously been tracked to some pretty basic drum loops.